Erica Moor, M.A. - Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Plant -based Nutrition & Wellness Designer

Welcome! I am Erica.

  I am here behind-the scenes gathering recipes, cooking the meals, researching the nutrition facts and getting all the "goods" together, to help you better your health.  I am passionate about color, particularly the color of foods and how they impact our bodies. Being a creative at heart,  I love creating dishes that speak to this notation that "being easy on the eyes" is why most people are drawn to the foods they consume. 

 Of course, you want the dish to look good, taste delicious, and be GOOD for you at the same time! The Green DNA, LLC is not just about the food, but the life we live. If I can help you incorporate more fruits and veggies into your eating regime, then, we are on the right track!

      "Your quality of life matters to me!" I have experienced my own share of chronic illnesses and realized that the healing process starts with the food that we eat.  I  am excited to help you through your own  health journey! 
     Whether you need assistance with meal prepping, nutritional coaching, goal setting or weight management, I can guide you. 

With love,