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  1. the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

    "a guide to good nutrition"

    • food or nourishment.

  How does your nutrition impact your overall health and wellness?   Most people have to work to be healthy or stay healthy. Over the years,  The S.A.D.  (Standard American Diet) has cast the majority of us into a sea of detrimental chronic illnesses- dying a slow death. If you have ever lost someone due to heart disease, diabetics, or cancer, know that it is than just a meal or a dish.  "DNA Goes Green" can not save everyone; but, if it brings loved ones together and prolongs life;  then, it is here for a reason.    

  How does nutrition change DNA?

     Your "DNA Goes Green" is why you can reverse the signs and prolong your life by eating better and living healthier. Whether you love "soul food" or eat "rabbit food",  you have to realize that it all makes a difference.    Our food is like medicine.  Why not eat what nourishes you?   Plant- based foods give us natural life,  free from artificial preservatives.  When you eat more fruits and veggies, it shows!  It's 


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